Weather is the New Black - Part One: Weather Changes Everything.

Weather has profound influences on consumer purchase behavior. Various conditions and temperature ranges impact what we buy, when we buy, how much we buy, and why we buy. Using breakthrough technology, marketing teams can easily understand how weather has influenced purchase behavior for their brand. Using this information, marketers can then take advantage of savvy technology to create a better user experience.

Highlights from the White Paper

  • Weather Considerations for Marketers including smart questions marketers should be asking to maximize their marketing efforts
  • The Power of Weather demonstrating weather's tremendous influence on product purchase decisions and consumer purchase psychology
  • A Brief history of Weather illustrating weather's advancement and uses throughout the ages
  • From Big Data to Actionable Data underscoring that the value of big data lies in the ability to take action on it: weather is no exception
  • Maximizing Weather Marketing Opportunities highlighting the transition of weather marketing from avoid and correct to anticipate and maximize, and how to use advanced Weather Analytics, Email Triggers, Website Personalization and more...

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