How Weather Will Influence Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl XLVIII underscores the value of weather-based advertising. Build up to the Super Bowl runs through the veins of every football fanatic across the US just as weather marketing runs through the veins of the Skymosity team. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks fans are engulfed in the NFC and AFC Championship titles, and, even more significantly, the glory that only a Super Bowl win can bring to their team and city. Team colors fly high across these cities as homes across America prepare for the most watched show in television, the Super Bowl... but the 2014 Super Bowl has a twist.

Super Bowl XLVIII Is The First Outdoor Cold Weather Super Bowl in History

Super Bowl XLVIII is the first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl in the history of the NFL. Most Americans tune into the Super Bowl with their friends and family, whether to watch the historical event, watch the most expensive commercials in the world, or just for good camaraderie with friends at parties. No matter the reason, though, Super Bowl fans will have a different way of celebrating, depending on where they are geographically located throughout the US, due to their localized weather conditions. With different weather conditions and temperature ranges, Super Bowl parties will look astonishingly different across the country.

Weather is Game-Changing, literally and figuratively

Weather will influence the outcome of the Super Bowl. According to, weather influences everything from offensive line to effective defense, with wind, rain, snow, and temperature all making a significant swing in game outcomes. warns, “If the game is played in wet conditions there will be fewer passing touchdowns...if the weather is cold the kicking game will be affected… snowy (conditions) will actually help the offense rather than the defense than muddy conditions.” Weather has a tremendous affect on the strategy and outcomes of football games, just as it affects consumer purchase behavior. Consumers are more likely to purchase certain products and services, depending on where their local weather, and less likely to purchase other products and services.

Game Attendees Beware

For those at the game, historical temperatures in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where MetLife Stadium will host Super Bowl XLVIII, have been as low as -8 Degrees to as high as 66 Degrees, with averages around 29 Degrees on February 2nd, according to Depending on the forecast and actual weather the day of the game, those attending the event will need to prepare differently. On the colder end of the temperature range, those in attendance will likely need to be wearing heavy winter coats, heavy gloves, scarves, and even face masks, with a heavy pre-game meal to keep energy levels up. The emphasis will be on wearing layers and eating enough food. On the warmer end, those in attendance could get away simply wearing shorts and tshirts, eating whatever snacks pass in front of them, including ice cream and popsicles, and feel comfortable to walk around freely and not have restricted movement, due to the weather.

What Will Your Super Bowl Party Look Like?

Throughout the US, temperatures for Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd, 2013, varied even more violently. A Super Bowl party last year in McAllen, Texas, for example, would have been a warm and balmy 87 degrees, while football festivities in Presque Isle, Maine would have been a painful -15 degrees. One can imagine a toasty BBQ party in McAllen as being outdoors, with guests wearing cutoff jeans and short sleeved shirts on a beautiful winter day. Contrast that with a Presque Isle Super Bowl party the same day, with guests crowding together to keep warm, the fireplace burning, with each party goer wearing at least 5 layers of clothing each.

It’s undeniable that weather has an impact on consumer purchase behavior and, merely based on considerations for the first outdoor cold weather Super Bowl, it is evident that weather will strongly impact Super Bowl plans throughout the US. Some parties will be outdoors, some will be inside, but the weather will play a crucial role into how most will purchase items both around and for their Super Bowl festivities.

Skymosity Helps Marketers Anticipate and Exploit The Weather

The Skymosity weather marketing platform helps marketers better understand consumer purchase behavior, including behavior around the Super Bowl. With advanced Weather Analytics for eCommerce, Email Triggers based on weather condition and temperature range, or Site Personalization to display targeted content based on each visitor’s local weather condition, Skymosity helps make weather data actionable for marketers. The more Super Bowl Marketers that consider weather, the more likely their brand will create a win for their team, despite the game’s outcome.