Skymosity Launches EA Rainmaker for Weather-Based Email Triggers on HubExchange, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s Integrated Apps Marketplace, at Connections

Skymosity Brings the Weather to ExactTarget

ExactTarget customers can now leverage weather’s influence on consumer purchase behavior.

San Rafael, CA– Skymosity announced it has launched EA Rainmaker on HubExchange, bringing marketers a new solution to power advanced weather-based marketing within the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

The announcement was made last week at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s Connections in Indianapolis. Connections is the premier digital marketing industry conference, providing three days of inspiration, education and entertainment, for a journey unlike any other.

EA Rainmaker Key Features

EA Rainmaker Key Features

EA Rainmaker, Skymosity’s flagship & patent-pending technology, tracks real-time weather in every zip code in the US & Canada, allowing for marketers to create custom emails that deploy, directly through the user’s ExactTarget Account, based off of their subscriber’s immediate or forecasted weather condition and temperature range. Marketer’s can seamlessly access the weather-based email trigger technology through the ExactTarget Hub Exchange, and easily create powerful campaigns that trigger based on the weather.

Comments on the News

  • “Weather influences consumer purchase behavior in profound ways,” said Forest Bronzan, CEO, Skymosity. “With Skymosity’s integration for EA Rainmaker on ExactTarget’s HubExchange, ExactTarget brands now have easy access to advanced weather marketing technology to truly maximize weather’s influence.”
  • “We are excited to welcome Skymosity’s EA Rainmaker & WeatherSwap to Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud HubExchange,” said Ian Murdock, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s vice president of platform and developer community. “Together with companies like Skymosity, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is transforming digital marketing, providing marketers around the world with a powerful platform and ecosystem of integrated applications to create customer experiences that build loyalty and drive results.”

About HubExchange

HubExchange is ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s app marketplace that enables technology providers to build and deliver integrated applications within ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. Much like a consumer purchases and downloads apps on a smartphone, HubExchange enables marketers to access and install ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and third-party developed digital marketing apps, making it easy to integrate new features or marketing solutions to power marketing campaigns from within ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

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