United Kingdom Businesses Now Have Access to Weather-Based Email Trigger Technology via Skymosity

Leading Weather Marketing Platform, Skymosity, Expands Coverage of Their Patent-Pending Weather-Based Email Trigger Technology to United Kingdom

San Francisco, CA | London, UK

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Skymosity, an Email Aptitude company and leading weather marketing platform, announced today that it has expanded the territory of its automated weather-based trigger technology, EA Rainmaker, to include the United Kingdom, which, according to Bloomberg, has had their wettest winter since at least 1766.

Brands with subscribers in the UK can utilize the technology to create multiple weather trigger campaigns, each with custom creative and weather condition logic. A campaign can be set to trigger an email based on an immediate weather change, or set to “forecast” mode, in which the marketer can indicate the cadence of deployment and how far out to look at a local forecast. Only subscribers living in an area where the determined campaign logic is set to occur will receive the email. Skymosity integrates with Responsys, Bronto Software, MailChimp and other top ESPs, so marketers can leverage the weather-based email trigger technology in the Skymosity UI without disrupting their normal email marketing efforts.

“The United Kingdom is a vibrant marketplace that is widely known around the world for their dynamic weather,” said Andrew Christison, Director of Business Development, Skymosity. “Skymosity expanding its weather-based trigger coverage to the UK is an exciting progression that we are confident will better serve both our current and future clients.”

Skymosity’s weather-based email trigger technology already covers every US zip code and all of Canada, and now includes the UK. This added coverage allows marketers on most major Email Service Providers to create targeted email triggers, automatically deploying to email subscribers living in an area where a marketer-defined weather condition is going to occur. Marketers can target based on virtually any weather condition, temperature range, temperature dips or spikes, or any combination thereof. Read how weather impacts consumer purchase behavior.

“We are thrilled to expand coverage to the United Kingdom,” said Forest Bronzan, CEO, Skymosity. “Many of our US clients have subscribers in the UK, and top brands based in the United Kingdom can now add more value by seamlessly deploying the right content at the right time based on hyper-local weather.”

Companies interested in learning more about how the weather-based email trigger automation technology can add value to their programs should contact Skymosity for a private demo.

View a PDF of this Press Release