Has Spring Sprung for Marketers? Check the Weather.

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Happy First Day of Spring!

The official date of the March Vernal Equinox is March 20, 2014, signifying the beginning of Spring and the transition of seasons. It is a time of celebration, as Spring meant harvest to many of our ancestors, a time to celebrate new life, as it marks the end of the Winter Season in the Northern Hemisphere, and beyond that, Spring is also a signal of marketing implementation to begin for the second quarter of the year.

Although Spring is a much anticipated time of year, Marketers should not get overzealous by marketing Spring Weather too soon, especially in 2014. This has been the year of a harsh winter, in which homes across America have been filled with storm names, such as Pax, Leon, and Quintus, and new vocabulary, like Polar Vortex (a persistent, large-scale cyclone located near one or both of a planet’s geographical poles) and Bombogenesis (a storm’s central pressure drops at least 24 millibars in 24 hours) have been heard from coast to coast.

Marketing Spring weather on the heels of a brutal winter could be brutal to branding if the marketer isn’t cognizant of weather diversity and proper weather marketing strategy.  Note that, according to The Atlantic, Lake Superior has reached 95 percent ice coverage this year, the broadest ever in the past 20 years of record, making it low-risk to walk across the lake to the ice caves of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  New York and Atlanta continue to get pummeled with storm after storm, closing roads and disabling transportation, with New York having a record number of flight cancellations in 25 years!  Meanwhile, Florida and Southern California are experiencing perfect beach days with Sunny, clear days with highs in the 70s and 80s.

But it’s not all snow and ice.  According to the National Weather Service, the lowest temperature on March 15th (just 5 days before ‘Spring’) was in Crane Lake, Minnesota at -15 degrees Fahrenheit, while simultaneously, in Lake Forest, California, summer-like heat of 92 degrees Fahrenheit was reached.  It just doesn’t make sense for marketers to give a blanket focus to Spring-like conditions, when there is such a vast difference in weather throughout the United States and the rest of the globe.

A smarter choice for marketers is to regionally segment lists, based on temperature ranges and weather conditions.  Better yet, to market for stormy weather, ideal climate conditions, and warm weather differently.  The weather is constantly changing and although in some portions of the United States, it may feel as though Spring weather has sprung, it hasn’t in most of the US and, thus, shouldn’t be catered to, unless it’s executed with a highly targeted strategy.

Skymosity offers cutting edge weather analytics and weather-based email trigger technology to allow marketers to anticipate and exploit weather marketing opportunities.

  • Weather Analytics enables a brand to understand how every weather and temperature range has influenced past purchase behavior. Skymosity’s powerful analytics tools make it easy for marketers to digest big weather data and turn it into actionable wins. By understanding the exact metrics around weather and also having the tools to take advantage of this data, marketers gain a huge advantage to continue rapid growth in their highly competitive marketplace.

  • Weather-Based Email Triggers allow brands to better leverage big weather data with the ability to automatically send targeted emails to their subscribers, based on each contact’s current or forecasted weather condition. There are over 42,000 zip codes in the US, and being able to setup advanced, hyper-local email triggers, based on weather enables marketers to provide more relevant content that their consumers find meaningful.  Beyond that, Weather-Based Email Triggers have recently expanded coverage from the United States and Canada to the United Kingdom, Australia, and more, so that your message can be relevant to targets throughout the globe.

With the right tools in place, marketers can celebrate Spring activities within the context that matter most to their clients.  Maybe that means profiling non-Spring-like products, or sending out email promotions for “rainy Spring days.”  Either way, Spring means change is in the air, and with the right weather marketing arsenal, marketers can make it a change for the better.

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Skymosity Helps Marketers Anticipate and Exploit The Weather

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Retailers interested in learning more about how they can leverage weather in their marketing programs can contact Skymosity or email service@skymosity.com.

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