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Weather Analytics

Gain actionable insight on how every weather condition and temperature range influences purchase behavior and product trends on your site.

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Email Triggers

Create automated email campaigns for virtually any immediate or forecasted weather condition with the patent-pending email trigger technology, EA Rainmaker.

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Site Targeting

Personalize your website based on the weather with targeted overlays and nano bars.

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PPC Targeting

Implement automated Adwords bid adjustments based on weather conditions.

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5 Key eCommerce Weather Questions


How does AOV change on my site when it is raining?


What impact does snow have on my sales?


How does purchase behavior differ with 15-30 degree and 90+ degree weather?


What are my top selling products when it is (fill in the weather condition)?


At what temperature change does my top category see an increase/decrease in sales?

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Weather Analytics

Weather has a profound impact on what and when consumers purchase. With Skymosity's patent-pending Weather Analytics Platform, you can gain actionable insight on how every weather condition influences consumer behavior on your site.

Learn how your site's AOV and revenue fluctuate, based on weather, plus drill down on weather’s direct impact on top selling products and categories. Use this hyper-targeted analysis to make powerful decisions that affect your eCommerce ecosystem.

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Email Triggers

Covering every zip code in the US and Canada in real-time, the patent-pending EA Rainmaker technology is ESP-Agnostic and enables you to create automated triggered email campaigns for virtually any immediate or forecasted weather condition.

Increase email channel revenue with more meaningful merchandising in email and with hyper-targeted triggers that deploy to the right contact at the right time.

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Site Targeting

To drive increased sales, marketers need to provide website visitors with a personalized and extremely targeted experience. With Site Targeting from Skymosity, you can dynamically serve different content based on each visitor's weather condition.

Seamlessly create dynamic site content, site overlays, and more when a visitor meets certain campaign conditions.

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PPC Targeting

Consumers are driven to research during certain conditions, but are reactionary to purchase under other conditions. Skymosity's PPC Targeting system allows you to automatically adjust Adwords bid logic based on the weather.

With weather-based PPC Targeting, you can save valuable adspend dollars and maximize paid-search presence during pivotal times.

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Skymosity is a bleeding-edge weather marketing platform powered by Email Aptitude. Starting with its flagship and patent-pending email trigger technology, the Skymosity Weather Marketing Platform transforms big weather data into actionable wins for marketers. With breakthrough weather-focused advertising technology, Skymosity continues to evolve the SaaS platform to help crush records for top brands around the world.

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